Condominiums and apartments need protecting, too.  Let us help customize a policy that suits your renting situation.

Some communities actually require certain amounts of renters insurance.  The landlord isn’t going to help you when your belongings are stolen or damaged.  Say a fire happens, it’s up to you to replace all your prize possessions.

Policies are similar to homeowners, adding protections such as liability and theft, however the dwelling itself is not covered.  Protect yourself and things you hold dear to your heart for a secure tomorrow.  And yes, renters coverage for mobile homes is also available.

Renters insurance is less expensive than you may think!  A policy can run $80 – $250 per year, with an average of $150 per year.  Let us customize a reliable policy that suits your renting situation and find discounts like bundling with your auto policy to save even more!

Owners of rented properties may review our Homeowners Insurance policies.

Need advice?  You may think nothing bad will ever happen to you while renting, so you pass on getting renters coverage.  Let us help provide a plan that is affordable, just in case you may have an unfortunate incident like a burglary.  Request a quote or give us a call with your questions!

    We will respond to all quote requests within 24 hours!

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