Coverage for your boat, RV, ATV or golf cart doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  Add to your homeowners or auto policy and barely feel it hit your wallet!

Specialty Lines Types of Coverage

specialty lines

Watercraft Insurance can help cover your weekend motorboat, your little john boat, sailboat or other types of watercraft like a jetski.  If your watercraft is stolen or damaged, if someone is injured while on your craft, you need a quick tow to shore while out on the water, or if there is damage to your property by an uninsured boater- you’re going to be thankful you have dependable coverage.

Ask us how you can feel secure while enjoying the water.

specialty lines

Before you go cruising in your new motor home or RV, ask us about coverage options and discounts!

Having your home-away-from-home suffer damages while across the country from your hometown mechanic could really throw a wrench in your fun.  Be prepared with dependable roadside services along with other special benefits for long-distance travelers like yourself.

specialty lines

Did you know that your golf cart isn’t covered under your homeowner’s policy?  Specialty vehicles like ATVs and golf carts need covering, too.  Liability, collision, and comprehensive protections are available.

Let us help build a specialty lines policy suitable for you.  Bundle with homeowners and auto for discounts!

specialty lines

While inland  homeowner and business property policies include wind and hail insurance, coastal properties do need an additional wind and hail policy.

This type of coverage is considered a specialty line that can be added to your existing plan.  Wind and Hail insurance covers damage from any wind event, hail event, tornadoes, or named storms, such as hurricanes and tropical storms.  Say a hail storm damages your coastal dwelling, your wind and hail insurance deductible would be triggered.    Wind and hail insurance for coastal homes is important- all can benefit from adding coverage to help cover unforeseen catastrophic damage.  Contact your agent to discuss all the benefits with you!

specialty lines

Yes, we can cover your puppy dogs and kitty cats, too!

Vaughan Insurance Agency knows that protecting your animals is important, too.  Just like in humans, we never know when an illness or injury will happen.  Pet insurance helps cover serious illnesses, surgeries, wellness visits and diagnostics, along with many other costly conditions.

Let us help choose the type of plan that fits the needs of your animal.

Need advice?
Let us help decide what type of coverage you need for your specialty item.  It’s best to prepare and we’re here to help make it most affordable for you.  Request a quote or give us a call with your questions!

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